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Greeting Cards

Paper Mache Jewelry

My primary medium is linoleum printmaking, and often combine it with hand-coloring collage or monotype. I focus on a simple approach to making my prints.

From the moment I begin to carve the block, I am very aware of the unique marks that are made during the printmaking process. They show the movement and feeling that I want to achieve in the print. At times, I include printing with cardboard, found objects, hand sewing, and styrofoam stamp printing in my printmaking process.

I print by using an old wooden kitchen spoon. The ability of how I use my hands becomes an intricate part of my printmaking process. Spontaneity and the accidental are a welcome surprise to my work.

Handmade one of a kind greeting cards are made from small relief prints  Each design has its own unique details such as hand-coloring, sewn elements, or collage. The cards are made individually or in small editions.

Greeting Cards by Sharon Gross

My line of greeting cards based on my original artwork, featuring linoleum prints and watercolor with pencil drawings. They can be purchased by emailing me at:

See them:

 I use paper mache and paper clay to make my jewelry. Each piece is unique with hand formed beads and paint and pencil decoration. The beads are combined with macramé knots or strung on different types of cord or leather to show their colorful patterns and designs.

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